Monday, July 20, 2009

Spendin' Money on a Monday

I considered titling this post "Money-Saving Monday..." but the truth of the matter is, the best way to save money is to sit at home and not spend a dime! But, alas, one must buy groceries, and the best way to do it is to plan out what you're doing, and save as much money as you can.

I live about 15 miles away from most stores. :-( That makes shopping a big pain in my butt, so I try to plan out my shopping trips well so I don't waste gas and time and energy. (This also means that I often let deals pass me buy... I am not driving 15 miles to Rite-Aid for a tube of toothpaste, even if it's a moneymaker, when I have 40 tubes of toothpaste sitting in my basement. It's just the way things are...)

When I head out shopping for the day, I either get the sense that I am "on" or I am not. I don't know if anyone else has this feeling- like you just "know" when you're going to get good deals or not. When I am "off," I walk into the store and nothing I want is in stock, the cashiers and clerks give me a hard time, the coupon is for a different size item... do you know what I mean? To me, that's usually a signal to buy only what I need and go on home. Today, I knew it was going to be a good shopping trip.

I don't usually chronicle my grocery purchases, except to my husband who pretends to be interested (God bless him,) but I will today- it was a decent shopping trip- nothing crazy, but good. I apologize for my lousy photo cropping... my picture editing software is being uncooperative at the moment.

My groceries- I spent $37.19 at Shaw's, Stop and Shop, and Walmart. Some highlights...

  • Stop and Shop- I got Cranberry Pomegranate Juice for .56 a bottle (it was on sale for 1.66, and I had a .55/1 coupon that doubled. I only got two bottles because I only had 2 coupons... I'm not sure if we like Cranberry Pomegranate juice or not.)
  • The strawberries were 2.99 for 2 lbs., also at Stop and Shop.
  • I got bread for .50 a loaf on markdown at Shaw's- even though we're mostly eating homemade bread now, I like having some backup in the freezer in case I don't have time to make it. And-it's kinda sad in a way, but I figured out that in the cost of flour alone, I spend over .50 a loaf to make bread. But it's so tasty and delicious, it's worth it.
  • At Shaw's, I got Swiss Premium Iced Tea for .24 a 1/2 gallon- they are on sale for .99, and there is a tearpad for .75 off coupons, which ended up doubling. I only got 2 of those because my fridge is packed!
  • I got sugar and Breyer's Yocrunch yogurt as part of the $3 off $10 deal- I paid 4.80 for 10 lbs of sugar and 2 4-packs of yogurt. That is some really expensive yogurt though, even on sale.
  • Hood ice cream and frozen yogurt was 2.50- I had $1/1 coupons... the whole family is happy when there's ice cream in the fridge, and then we don't need to spend any money on the ice cream truck that comes by every day...
  • I didn't end up getting any meat from the meat sale. I think the best deal was 1.66/lb for turkey burger, which I can get more inexpensively at a local butcher.
  • At Wal-mart, I used up the rest of my Ronzoni Smart Taste coupons before they expired... .50 per box isn't too bad for pasta
  • And, I got Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for .50 a box with a Buy 3, get 1 free coupon- which is about .38 per box which isn't bad.
  • I also got Boca Burgers for 2.18 with the coupons I had. We like veggie burgers as a quick supper sometimes.
Yesterday I stopped at a local fruit stand and spent $12 on butter, eggs, celery, carrots, a watermelon, apples, bananas, and HUGE zucchini for .50/lb. So my food spending is about $50 for the week- not too bad. I usually average about $60 a week but it fluctuates- some weeks I spend $20, some weeks I spend $100...

I also went to Walgreens and spent $7.86.

  • Got some free Mentos Gum
  • And some G2 gel pens, free after RR, my most favoritest pens in the whole world (I made a second trip and got more)
  • Scotch tape was .06 per roll
  • Kleenex was about .56 a box- I used the $1/3 coupon that was for lotion-type Kleenex, which was part of the sale this week.
  • .89 is a good price for tuna
  • And I've been using more bar soap for washing our hands- it seems like it lasts longer and is cheaper. We've been using little hotel soaps for months in our bathrooms.

I also went by Staples to get some free-after-rebate school supplies, and CVS to get free-after ECB school supplies (and Bic Soliel razors which are free)... Now it's time to kick back! No more shopping for me! (Oh... I did want to get to Target.. who knows if that will happen!)

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