Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stop and Shop Bargain Meal week of 6/3-6/9

Stop and Shop has some exciting produce buys this week, again- they're repeating their 12/1.99 corn sale, and the 4 for $5 blueberries sale of a couple weeks ago. (I bought 8 pints of blueberries last time, ate one, froze a couple, and made 5 pints of jam.)

This week Countryfine Italian Sausage Links are 1.99/lb and green and yellow squash (the vegetables formerly known as zucchini and summer squash, people!) are both .99/lb. Now there are a variety of creative and interesting things you could do with these ingredients, such as zucchini soup or stuffed zucchini or something. What I would probably do, when faced with these ingredients, is a simple pasta dish. Prego pasta sauce is 2 for $4 this week, and Stop and Shop Pasta is still 5 for $4.

When making sausage, I like to remove the casing before cooking- I think it's too tough otherwise. Then I cut it up into 1-inch pieces and cook it over medium heat. I saute it with whatever vegetables are handy, add about 2/3 of a jar of pasta sauce or a can of diced tomatoes, and serve over pasta. Add some homemade bread and you've got a meal. Total cost: Under $5

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