Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stop and Shop Bargain Meal, week of 7/17-7/23

Stop and Shop actually has some good deals this week! Ocean Spray Cranberry juice is 3/$5- that price is practically unheard of for a 64 oz. bottle. Too bad the sale doesn't include the 100% juice varieties... :-(

2 lb. packages of strawberries are 2.99 (as opposed to the 1 lb. package that costs 2 for $5- so you basically get an extra pound for forty-nine cents?)

But what I am really excited about: Butterball Thin & Crispy Turkey Bacon is 10 for $10 for a 12 oz. package. I don't often buy bacon but it's such a great way to add flavor to meals- I think the price is right at $1. (Let's hope it tastes good, though! I've never tried this kind before! Oh, the adventures of bargain shopping!) <>

With the White Gem Boneless Chicken Breast on sale for 1.79/lb, bacon, and some pantry staples (grab some Prince pasta on sale for 10 for $10 if you're out of pasta,) you can make this chicken pasta dish that sounds tasty and very simple.

Or, if you're sick of pasta, try cooking up your favorite vegetables (zucchini is on sale- again- for .99/lb, and corn is 8 for 1.88- about .24 an ear) and crumbling a few pieces of bacon over it (see this recipe for ideas). You can grill up some chicken and serve some Near East Rice Pilaf (10 for $10) and you have yourself a nice summer meal.

My daughter, who is a major bacon fanatic, will be happy to know that it can be frozen, so we can stock up... the USDA recommends storing it for 1-2 months for best taste, but it's safe to store longer than that. <>

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